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Know Your Rights: What Is A Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit ?

What Is Transvaginal Mesh ? 
Transvaginal is a term that is used to describe the surgical technique that is used to implant the mesh via the vagina. The mesh itself is a type of surgical mesh that is usually made out of a type of plastic that goes by the name of polypropylene. This type of surgical mesh was created in an effort to alleviate (POP) or pelvic organ prolapse permanently as well as (SUI) or stress urinary incontinence. Many women experience this conditions after they have underwent childbirth, menopause or a hysterectomy.

The Typical Operation 
In order for you to understand what is a transvaginal mesh, to put things in retrospect, let’s take a look at the scenarios in which a women experience pelvic organ prolapse as well as the procedure that doctors perform in regards to the implantation of a transvaginal mesh. Once (POP) or pelvic organ prolapse occurs, a woman’s muscles essentially has become so weak, that the pelvic organs, which includes the rectum, uteros and bladder, essentially falls into the vagina. To alleviate the problem, doctors, can elect to surgically implant the mesh transvaginally or abominably. However, many doctors elect to insert he mesh through the vagina due to the fact that it is faster, less complicated and less invasive as well.

The Problem 
While it may be true that the sole purpose of these types of products was to assist women that were suffering from POP and SUI, statistics have demonstrated that some of the products on the market that have been used were not reliable or safe. Additionally, some of the implantation techniques that the manufacturers of certain products recommended, directly lead to a variety of serious and in some cases life threatening complications such as severe infection, organ perforation, as well as the erosion of the vaginal tissue.

What To Do If You Or A Loved One Has Encountered A Complication After You/They Underwent A Transvaginal Mesh Procedure
If you or a loved one has encountered a complication as a result of the implantation of this device, it’s important that you become aware of the personal injury law in regards to the issue that surrounds the manufacturers as well as the transvaginal mesh lawsuit.

What Is Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit ? 
The personal injury law dictates that, an individual can seek financial compensation for their injuries, if it has been determined that they were injured emotionally, physically or mentally, as a result of the actions or lack thereof, of another party. Said in simpler terms, if someone’s actions or lack thereof causes your injury, they can be held financially liable.

In reference to this scenario, the manufacturer can be held liable due to the fact that they manufactured unsafe and unreliable products which constitutes to negligence. Furthermore, the implantation techniques that they recommended directly lead to a variety of serious complications. As such, by contacting a law firm that specializes in personal injury claims, they can help to provide you with competent representation on a contingency fee basis. Meaning that you will only pay, if they are able to secure a settlement.

Why you need a Transvaginal Mesh Attorney

Transvaginal mesh is a device implanted in to a woman’s urinary tract through a surgical procedure. This surgical procedure is used to treat a host of gynecological problems, such as Pelvic Organ Prelapse. In 2011, the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) raised an alarm on the use of the transvaginal mesh. According to the Administration, women who opted for this procedure were at a higher risk of developing complications than women who opted for other treatments. Sadly, manufacturers of this mesh failed to warn consumers of the dangers of using the mesh as a treatment option. Due to the manufacturers’ failure women who have suffered complications as a result of using this mesh can file a lawsuit.

To file a lawsuit against a manufacturer of a transvaginal mesh, one will require the assistance of a transvaginal mesh attorney. These are attorneys who specialize in product liability cases, particularly cases resulting from complications caused by this surgical procedure. A lawsuit can either be individual or a class proceeding. Therefore women who require corrective surgery due to the complications caused by the insertion of the transviganal mesh in their urinary tract have a right to be compensated by the manufacturer. The manufacturer is to be held liable for the complications and thus required to pay the hospital bills for women who require surgery after undergoing a transvaginal placement procedure.

In addition to corrective surgery, women who experience pain during intercourse, scarring of the vaginal tract, erosion of the urinary tract and infection as a result of the transvaginal mesh procedure have a right to sue the manufacturer. In this case women who suffer from any of the side effects mentioned above will be in need of a transvaginal mesh attorney. Compensation is not the only legal redress available to women.

In a transvaginal mesh case, an attorney will sue for compensation as well as damages. The compensation will be for the money spent on any kind of surgical procedure to correct the mesh complications. Damages on the other hand will be paid in light of the suffering as well as mental distress caused by the side effects of the transvaginal implant. Ultimately the decision to claim lies with the affected individual. However, it is highly advisable for women who have suffered any complications as a result of transvaginal implants to seek legal assistance from an attorney. The legal advice offered will aide them in making a decision on whether to file a claim or not to.

Vaginal Mesh Lawsuit

As a result of poorly designed and not enough tested vaginal mesh products, thousands of women suffered physical injuries as well as financial damages and emotional distress. Various complications of using vaginal mesh products damage families and harm women. As a result, many of those affected victims of poorly designed vaginal mesh products are claiming damages in law suits and winning their legal claims.

Patients feel that manufacturers misled them because they failed in their legal duty to ensure the effectiveness and safety of their vaginal mesh products. The information about the products was at its best incomplete, if not even misleading and false. The mesh products were intended to treat incontinence and prolapse, but instead of being effective they lead to various medical complications.

In case that you are among those women who are experiencing unfortunate complications from your vaginal mesh implant, then you can join the growing number of women who claim their legal and rightful compensation. The lawsuits filed against the mesh manufacturers claim that the defendants failed to warn the consumers about the risks involved in using the products and the possible side effects. The manufacturers are guilty of fraud because they tried to conceal the fact that the vaginal mesh products could cause debilitating injuries and permanent disabilities. Among the common accusations against the mesh manufacturers included in the lawsuits are the following:

  1. Failing to adequately warn of potential injury and complications.
  2. Failing to conduct proper research and testing in order to determine the risks of surgical mesh.
  3. Intentionally and actively misleading the medical community, FDA, the public at large, and especially the patients with respect to the effectiveness and safety of the vaginal mesh products.
  4. Failing to establish effective and safe methods for removal of the vaginal mesh.Among the side effects and complication of the vaginal mesh products are noticed:
  5. The emotional and physical harm can affect daily activities, relationships, and women’s work. It seems that the surgical mesh was not properly tested before being implanted into patients and it is not safe for vaginal placement.
  6. Within weeks or months after surgery, mesh can begin to erode through the vaginal walls, leading to trans-vaginal mesh injuries that can hinder activities such as sexual intercourse, and even walking and sitting.
  7. Extreme pain in pelvic and abdominal areas
  8. Painful sexual intercourse, called dyspareunia in medical terms.
  9. The need for multiple surgeries
  10. Recurrence of urinary incontinence, which is one of the medical ailments that the vaginal mesh was supposed to treat.


If you are among the women who had to suffer from using a vaginal mesh product, it is recommended to find a qualified attorney to handle your lawsuit. The manufacturers already face thousands of lawsuits from patients victims of their dysfunctional products and misleading advertising.

Today, there is an estimated number of around 49,000 federal lawsuits filed in the USA against the mesh manufacturers, and thousands of others pending in state courts. If you file a personal injury lawsuit you have high chances to win your case.

Participating in a class action lawsuit can be another option. Compensation for mesh injuries may cover loss of wages, cost of additional surgeries and other medical expenses, losses to quality of life, loss of spousal consortium, pain and suffering, and more.

Manufacturers have already paid millions of dollars in settlements. For example, American Medical Systems paid $54.5 million and Coloplast $16 million. Individual cases received significant compensation settlements, such as the one of Christine Scott settled for $5.5 Million and Linda Gross for $11.11 million.

If you need to research more information on the topics of vaginal mesh lawsuits we recommend the vaginalmeshlegalclaims.com website, which is dedicated to help people affected by dangerous drugs and medical devices like the trans-vaginal mesh. The website provides many useful resources to help women understand the complications related to vaginal mesh, as well as information for those who consider making a claim with a lawsuit.